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Furniture Repair


Whether your furniture is broken, scratched, chipped, missing veneer, damaged in a move, old, or new, you have come to the right place!

We specialize in damaged wood, floors, cabinets, leather, vinyl, plaster, fabric, and frame repair (i.e. broken sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc.). Give us a call or send us a message. We would be happy to help!

Featured Project

Massive cross-grain damage on 25 doors in the US Bank building downtown.

Dining Room Chair Repair
dining room chair repair boise

Dining chair snapped in half and missing chunks of wood. Attached back, filled gaps with wood filler, colored, faux grain, and sealed.

Bookcase Repair
bookcase repair Boise

Large chunk of wood missing from side and back of book case.

Table Repair

Large damaged area on MDF table top.

Dresser Repair
boise dresser repair

Large piece torn off leg of dresser. Wood piece was missing.

Cabinet Face Repair
cabinet face repair

Mid century cabinet face with severe damage. Both bottom corners were torn off, as well as multiple scratches to the surface.

Pet Damage Repair
pet damaged cabinet

Pet damaged cabinet.

Cross-grain Repair
wood crossgrain repair

Severe cross grain gouge in walnut veneer bookcase. Filled and sanded missing veneer, then hand painted to blend in the grain.

MDF headboard damage

MDF headboard damage.

MDF headboard damage

MDF headboard damage.

Dining Chair Repair
wooden dining chair back repair
wooden dining chair repair

Dining chair back completely snapped in half and missing parts of wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Repairs
Kitchen cabinet repairs.
Kitchen Cabinet – Pet Damage
Kitchen cabinet repairs-water and pets.
Kitchen Cabinet – Pet Damage
Kitchen cabinet repairs-water and pets.
Salon Station Repairs
Multiple salon station repairs-on site
Mid Century Credenza Repairs
Mid Century Credenza Repairs
Mid century credenza-repairs
Cocktail Table Repairs
Football Trophy Repair
Trophy Repair

Rare opportunity to repair a vintage MVP football trophy. Leg was broken and missing areas of plaster. Receiver’s finger broken and missing as well.

Faux Wood Repair
Headboard Repairs
Scratched Piano Repairs
Dining Table Repairs
Door Pet Damage
Door Wood Repairs
door repair
Dining Table Repair
Bookcase Repair
MDF bookcase repair
Hotel Bed Repair
hotel bed repair
Baseboard Repair
Conference Table and Work Desk Repair

Repaired damaged areas around perimeter of conference table and work desk.

Drywall Repair
Damaged drywall repair

Damaged drywall repair.

Fireplace Repair

Repairs on damaged fiberglass outdoor fireplace.

Wooden Handle Repair

This was a fun repair. Client had a vintage wooden riding horse with broken saddle handle. Top of handle completely missing. Sculpted missing part with wood filler and colored and grained to match.

Chair Repairs

Broken walnut chair base repair.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Kitchen cabinet repair due to faulty stove installation.

Credenza Repairs

Walnut credenza base badly damaged during shipping. Large areas of walnut crossbar completely missing. Sculpted in with wood putty, colored and grained to match.

Pet Damage Repairs

Pet damage repair on two separate corners of wooden coffee table.

Hole Repairs

Custom refrigerator casing drilled with accidental holes for non-existent handle.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Pet damaged kitchen cabinet repair.

Headboard Repairs

Damaged corner on solid wood headboard.

Chair Repairs

Damaged mid century Danish dining chair back.